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Holy Cross and All Saints RC Primary School

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Whole School Inclusion Statement

At Holy Cross and All Saints our mission statement states,


We are of the Gospel, educating all children in order for them to grow and reach their full potential as fulfilled people in Christ.


Our school family nurtures a culture of Christian love and respect for each other and the world around us. Togetherness, patience and compassion is encouraged. By providing creative experiences and challenge for all learners, children grow in resilience, learn to persevere and develop belief in themselves and build hopes and dreams for their future.


We provide an inclusive learning environment, in which every child can achieve and reach their full potential and this is at the heart of everything we do. We ensure that all pupils have equal access to a broad, balanced curriculum, delivered through quality first teaching, which is adapted to meet individual needs and learning styles.


We aim to identify barriers to learning as early as possible so that we can provide evidence-based interventions to support and overcome additional needs. Where necessary, external agencies provide us with further strategies to allow our children to make progress towards their desired learning and developmental outcomes. Together, we are passionate that our children reach their full potential at every step of their learning journey at Holy Cross and All Saints School. ​

Successful inclusion should:

  • Result in every pupil feeling safe, confident and happy at school.
  • See every pupil making the best progress of which they are able and enjoying their time at school: in lessons, during their playtime or lunchtime or when involved in any of our extended school activities.
  • Promote every child's belief in themselves as a learner and valued member of our school community.


Successful inclusive provision at Holy Cross and All Saints School is seen as the responsibility of the whole school community, permeating all aspects of school life and applicable to all our children.