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Holy Cross and All Saints RC Primary School

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All members of staff act towards the children as a caring and responsible adult would.  As members of the Roman Catholic Community we aim to set and maintain the highest possible standards of good behaviour among our children and wish to work in close co-operation with our parents to achieve this.


The following list will help us to have proper regard for the needs of all pupils, to maintain good discipline and try to ensure that all pupils work together in a happy caring atmosphere.


  • If parents want a child to leave school during the day e.g. for a medical appointment, children must be collected by a responsible adult.
  • Infant children should be met at the end of the school session.  They should not go home on their own.
  • Children should not bring toys or games to school unless asked to do so.
  • Children should be polite and courteous both between themselves and in all dealing with  adults.
  • Children are expected to conform to the school uniform and all clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name.
  • In the interests of safety jewellery is not permitted in school.  This includes rings, earrings, studs, bracelets, medallions etc.
  • Children are only allowed into the classrooms at break-time or dinner time with the permission of a teacher.
  • Children must walk at all times in the school building.


These school rules, laid down by the Governors, are not final or complete and should be used as guidelines for acceptable behaviour.


The school has a Discipline and Behaviour Policy which is available on the policies section of the School website.


Bullying: Parents are rightly concerned about bullying – both physical and verbal – in schools.  We have regular assemblies addressing the issue of bullying.


At Holy Cross and All Saints our Deputy Head teacher; Mrs Euston is in charge of BULLYWATCH so that no pupil should ever feel threatened. A copy of the leaflet given to all pupils is available from school. We provide ‘Circle Time’ every week in class when children have a safe time when issues such as bullying can be shared. If you are worried please talk to your  child's teacher.