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Digital Safety Information for Parents

Our pupils are growing up in an increasingly digital online world, living their lives seamlessly on and offline. This presents many positive and exciting opportunities, but also challenges and risks.

Through our curriculum, we strive to equip our pupils with the knowledge needed to make the best use of the internet and technology in a safe, considered and respectful way. 

 These include understanding:

  • the risks of sharing personal data and how to protect their privacy
  • how the online environment operates
  • how online content is generated and to critically analyse the content they consume
  • that online actions can have offline consequences, and use this understanding in their online interactions
  • how to participate positively in online engagement, while understanding the risks of engaging with others

However, we understand that many online activities take place outside of the the school day, we would like to support you, in building on the work carried out in school and equipping you with the knowledge, support and advice needed to keep your children safe online.  

We hope you will find this current guidance and the links below useful but if you have any further concerns please contact school and a member of our safeguarding team will be happy to offer further support and guidance. 

Supporting preschoolers online (0-5s) | Internet Matters

Supporting young children (6 -10s) online | Internet Matters