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The teaching of discreet phonics underpins our spelling curriculum during the Early Years Foundation Stage and well into Key Stage 1 however to support this and to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum aims and objectives we use the Spelling Shed Scheme of Work and accompanying online teaching resources which builds on the teaching of phonics to ensure spelling is actively taught within the classroom.


During spelling lessons, children learn how to break down spellings into the smallest units of sound and cluster them into syllables in order to read and write words efficiently. They will also explore; 

  • Etymology, where children explore the origins of words, which can lead to certain patterns of spelling.

  • Morphology where children explore words, word parts; their meanings and how this affects spelling, such as root formations, prefixes and suffixes.

  • Etymology where children explore how the English language has, over time, borrowed and integrated words and spellings from a range of languages. 


This knowledge is secured with weekly spelling lists and fast paced, fun online games and activities which can be accessed in school and at home with your child's individual log in, given to them at the start of the new academic year. Our children love the fun and competitive nature of Spelling Shed, where children can compete against themselves and their peers to win points and move up class, school and national leader boards.


Visit the website below to find out more information about Spelling Shed and get logged so your child can get started on their journey to becoming more confident and accurate when spelling words in their writing. 


EdShed Parent guide - Spelling Shed MathShed QuizShed

If your child is using EdShed at school, this video will show you how to log into their account and access the games, assignments and challenges.