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Holy Cross and All Saints RC Primary School

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How does the school evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for SEN pupils?

Teachers formally evaluate the progress of all children at the end of every term. The SENDCo specifically monitors the progress of SEN children and speaks to teachers if a particular child appears to be making slow/little progress.


Our school delivers a variety of intervention programmes: Coordination matters, spelling interventions, Maths interventions, reading interventions and Lego Therapy to name but a few.

Starting points are recorded in order to monitor progress and to measure how much of an impact a particular intervention has had. We expect children to make good or outstanding progress through these interventions. If progress is not as marked as we would like, an alternative intervention or additional support will be put in place.


Through provision mapping we assess the provision each child needs and provide interventions, additional support or additional resources to provide for their needs.