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The time before Easter is all about Love. In order to express love for one another, children created Easter cards that were addressed to their loved ones, including friends and family members. Have a look at their creations. 















This month we have been talking about New Life. In Reception, we have been looking after eggs, waiting patiently for them to hatch out. Once they hatched,the children were very careful handling them. They knew they needed to be gentle as with all of God's little creatures. 











In February, for Simplicity, we decided to help our birds survive the winter. Children decided it would be good to help them find some food. Once we got some bird feeders and bird food, children helped me put the food in the feeders. Then, children decided where to place the feeders. After, they hid and watched if there were any birds coming to get something to eat. 









The next part of our project involved discussing GENEROSITY. Children tried to understand that sometimes it's makes you a lot happier to give than to receive. Because it was Valentines day we decided to give something wonderful to our special friends from Year 6, we made love hearts for them! Have a look at how much our children enjoyed giving!

We are starting a project:''My soul grows big''


I am very excited to announce that our Reception class has become a part of eTwinnig project, together with schools from Romania, Serbia, Greece and Turkey. Over the next couple of months we will be talking about virtues and values that are important for the moral development of our children. Here, you will be able to see what this project will involve. 


In January, we have focused on FRIENDSHIP. I showed my pupils a picture of children playing together. I asked them, ''What do children look like in this picture?'' These are their answers: 

- they are happy

- they are friendly

- they are smiling

- they are playing together

- they are kind and nice to each other

- they may know each other/ be in the same school. 

Next, I asked them ''When are you being a good friend?'' The pupils answered: 

- when I play nicely with my friends

- I smile at my friends

- I help my friends

- I love my friends with all my heart

- I invite my friends over to my house

- I share toys with my friends

- I am kind to my friends.

Finally, I asked my pupils to draw the examples of them being a good friend. Their work is truly wonderful! 

Have a look at we have been up to on our French day!

Thanks to Erasmus Plus, our school staff have participated in French immersion courses. Over the past 18 months, 6 teachers travelled to the beautiful town of Carcassonne, where they not only learnt basic French, but also gained a lot of French cultural awareness. We were extremely privileged to be hosted by a French primary school teacher, who organised a day in her school. We became more familiar with the French educational system and teaching in a French school. During those 8 days in France, the participants were taught about the methodology of teaching French, which we have brought back to our school and use in the French teaching delivered to our pupils. All the participants had a truly amazing experience; some of them have kept the link with the French teacher and course participants from other schools. The quintessence of this course was a personal visit from the French teacher to Manchester. She also found some time to see us in our school! Have a look at some of the wonderful memories the participants have created over this period of 18 months.Carcassonne June 2016: dinner with all participants.Carcassonne  June 2016 - the headteacher and a teacher from our hosting French school. Our school bear, Barnaby exploring the sights of Carcassonne. March 2017: Miss Barton and Miss Kelly visiting our hosting French teacher.Miss Kelly and Miss Barton discovering Carcassonne. April 2017: Our French hosting teacher visiting our school.