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Welcome to our new Pupil Gift Chaplaincy Team. 

We have already held a few meetings and the pupil chaplains have some great ideas about how to involve themselves in school life. They would like to continue to invite groups of children from different year groups to their lunchtime prayer sessions which began last year with the last team.

They are currently writing prayers for a special prayer box to use when they lead the opening prayer in Celebration Assembly every Friday.

Holy Cross and All Saints New Gift Chaplaincy Team

Holy Cross and All Saints New Gift Chaplaincy Team 1
Our Gift Pupil Chaplaincy Team

Our Gift Pupil Chaplaincy Team are working hard to improve the prayer life of the children in our school at the moment. The chapel is open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime for groups from different classes to be invited to a short prayer session.


The Pupil Chaplains lead a short service allowing children to have a couple of minutes to think and reflect. They share prayers and children nominate people they want to pray for. These special intentions are written down by each child and are placed in our 'Special Intention Box'. The prayer service gives all our children a quiet time to be with God during their busy day.